Wow!!! This is first of its kind, FSOWERS 90 day’s investment program for those who will like to invest their money in a well secured firm, come to FSOWERS. Join FSOWERS today and see the difference.

To deliver superior investment performance by consistently taking a long-term view and fully integrating sustainability research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis. Delivering outstanding investment results will also achieve our goal of proving the business case for Sustainable Capitalism.

Key Fact on FSowers Investment Network

It is a 90 days investment programme which starts from the day you indicate interest by subscribing to the investment plan. The ROI (Return on Investment) is 30 %(Percent) e.g. if you invest NGN 1,000 you get in return, sum total of NGN 1,300 after 90 days.

Financial Benefits

Yes it is 90 days investment but the interest will be dropping into your dashboard I mean your fsowers account everyday and u can withdraw it every day into your local Bank account within 24hrs. Even u can reinvest everyday if you wish to increase your capital and the interest.

You earn 30% (Percent) on the amount invested after 90 days from FSowers Investment Network also when you refer or prospect an individual who eventually joins the network and subscribe to any investment plan, you stand the chance to earn another 5% (Percent) as referral commission. There are two various ways of earning with FSowers.

Available Investment Plan

NGN 1, 000 after 90 days NGN 1, 300

NGN 5, 000 after 90 days NGN 6, 500

NGN 10, 000 after 90 days NGN 13, 000

NGN 25, 000 after 90 days NGN 32, 500

NGN 50, 000 after 90 days NGN 65, 000

NGN 100, 000 after 90 days NGN 130, 000

NGN 250, 000 after 90 days NGN 325, 000

NGN 500, 000 after 90 days NGN 650, 000

NGN 1, 000, 000 after 90 days NGN 1, 300, 000

NGN 2, 500, 000 after 90 days NGN 3, 250, 000

NGN 5, 000, 000 after 90 days NGN 6, 500, 000

NGN 10, 000, 000 after 90 days NGN 13, 000, 000

Our Vission

To attract, retain and develop the best professionals within a passionate investment culture and with whom we share a commitment to Our Values.

Joint FSowers Investment Network

To create a long-term client partnership by delivering unique investment insights and exceptional client service.